Google ranking: How to get high ranking in Google results?

Google ranking: Many of you are seeking how to get to first page in Google results.

How to get high Google ranking results? I’m not talking about the old pagerank system Google used but how to get as high as possible in Google search results with a specific keyword? Well, I will be trying to get this post as high as possible using different techniques and tools. I will be posting on a regularly base on this matter. So keep in touch for my updates so that you can find out how high I get ranked on Google results!
I’m also doing this in another language to see if I’m getting better results that way, you can see it here.

How to get high ranking in Google?

SEO (search engine optimization) Is without a doubt a must for your website to rank in the search engines. I will tell you later on what plugin I use for this.

Google ranking improvement with backlink building?

I’m using some tools but I’ll only release which tools I’m using after I’m getting page ranking for this post.

Google ranking – updates.

14/07 Here is an update, for the moment I don’t get any google ranking results but the page is indexed by Google. Proof in the picture below.

Google pagerank indexed, Proof of Google index

I’ll update you later when I’m getting SERP results!
If any of you have some experience in this matter, please feel free to comment on that.
I’m sure it will help a lot of people out, while I’m waiting results to update this article.

17/07 For the moment I’m still not getting any good google ranking results.


Update 22/07

Not getting any search results for this page, but the other page in Dutch is getting on the 6th page. You can see that post over here.

Update 03/08

I’m still not getting the results I want so I’ve changed the main keyword in “Google Ranking” and with that the content of this post. Curious about the change…
To inform you, the main page of this website is already ranking in Yahoo on the fifth page for the keywords “Google ranking”.  That made me change the main keywords for this page too.



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