House, rep thomas massie found himself at the center of a rare moment of bipartisan unity when his attempt to force a recorded vote. Dr deborah birx the coordinator of the white house task force on the coronavirus had a message for americans on thursday:, leading disease forecasters whose research the white house used to conclude 100 000 people will die nationwide. A selection of the most viewed stories this week on the monitor's website every saturday hear about special editorial, oann a rabidly pro trump television outlet declared on thursday evening that it won't await its turn for a seat in the.

President donald trump has tested negative for the novel coronavirus a second time he announced thursday "this morning the, white house guidance still under debate would be a reversal of earlier mask recommendations and signals seriousness of. Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak download the nbc news app for latest updates on the coronavirus outbreak kristen, amid continuing controversy over the best way to rush aid to working americans businesses hospitals and local governments. But that hasn't stopped the center's mission to inspire and educate people with the wonders of science and technology lsc, one day after her employer was kicked out of the rotation to cover daily press briefings by president donald trump's.

Public health experts whose research was used by the white house to reach the conclusion that 100 000 people will

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